2022 Media Landscape Reports

    Journalist survey findings presented in two reports tailored uniquely for journalists and PR professionals.

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    983 surveyed journalists

    This survey of Australian journalists was conducted between October and November 2021 to provide insight into the work and preferences of Australian journalists and help respond to some of the challenges they are facing in the media industry. 



    of journalists said the pandemic impacted their ability to work effectively in 2021. Restrictions on freedom of movement was the impact that most affected journalists.


    Audience relevance

    is the most widely valued feature for journalists when receiving pitches from PR. Seventy-nine per cent said they don't appreciate receiving follow-up phone calls or emails from PR.



    of male journalists earn over $100,000 p.a., compared to just 16% of females and 12% of non-binary journalists. Television is the highest paid field.

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    For journalists

    See insights into:

    • The average pay/salary of journalists based on factors such as gender and field. 
    • Professional values of journalists such as views on objectivity.
    • Media education/training and employment of journalists. 
    • Impact of the pandemic on the work of journalists, and other personal and professional challenges. 
    • Influences on journalists’ content including the effects of media organisations’ financial considerations and editorial positions on balancing positive and negative news stories.
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    For PR professionals

    Findings such as:

    • Journalists' preferred days and times to receive media releases and ideal media release content and length.
    • ‘Pet-peeves’ for journalists when working with publicists and PR.
    • Journalists' preferred form of communication with PR and preferences for receiving follow-up correspondence from PR.
    • Story sources and social media usage by journalists.
    • Insights into journalists' content priorities and objectives.

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