re-think media monitoring

    Is media monitoring the way to go?

    Media monitoring has long been an essential tool in every PR toolbox. It's complex and costly, and the data you get is only valuable when someone contextualises it. 

    What if there's another way? What if you could get meaningful insights without ever having to look at a monitoring platform?

    That's where we come in. Imagine not ever having to set up a boolean search or deal with meaningless dashboards again, and instead having experts in communication tell you exactly what you need to know.

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    Media Monitoring Boolean Example

    monitoring data
    does not equal insights

    For many years media monitoring has been seen as the sole solution to tracking and reporting on the success of your media strategies. 


    Raw data and AI-driven 'insights' just don't cut it and lack the real-world context needed to drive your strategy in the right direction.

    Consultative Insights Example

    Consultative Insights
    the smart way to guide your media strategy

    Consultative Insights flips the age-old media monitoring approach around and focuses solely on your end goal delivering real insights from your media data without the fluff.


    Learn more about consultative insights.



    I already use a media monitoring platform

    Our expert team of analysts is able to use your media monitoring data to extract meaningful insights to guide your media strategy.

    I don't have or use a media monitoring platform

    Our team of analysts is able to collect your media data for you using a mix of media monitoring and other sources. 

    How do consultative insights compare to media monitoring?

    You may not have heard of consultative insights before, so let's take a look at what all the fuss is about.

        Consultative Insights   Media Monitoring
    Raw mention data MDN-Tick-Icon Curated relevant mentions   ALL mentions of relevant keywords
    Data accuracy MDN-Tick-Icon Highly accurate reviewed by an expert   Low accuracy — no quality checking
    Reporting MDN-Tick-Icon Custom-tailored reports   Generic AI-driven dashboards
    Range of metrics and reports MDN-Tick-Icon Wide range of report types with metrics tailored to individual needs   Limited to a pre-determined set of metrics
    Quality of insights MDN-Tick-Icon Real insights collated by real human experts   Generic 'insights' driven by AI

    How consultative insights work


    A real human sits with you to outline your needs and end goals


    A team of analysts analyse the media data you provide, or set up data collection for you


    Dedicated analysts collate the results into a report and include any insights they find in your data


    A specialist walks you through the results and shares their insights

    Consultative Insights Process

    Award-winning media analysis


    Consultative insights gives you two options for gathering your mention data and media clippings.

    1. Provide your own data. If you wish to continue using media monitoring or other data collection services, you can continue to do so and use that data to go beyond the limitations of media monitoring.

    2. Let a consultative insights provider collect it for you. Analysts use a variety of tools to ensure that all of your media data is collected accurately and nothing is missed in the process.

    The main purpose of media monitoring is to track and monitor keywords related to your business to discover conversations about your business in the media. 

    Consultative insights is the next step in the process which goes beyond the data to drive actionable insights which can guide or validate your media strategy. Unlike media monitoring, consultative insights uses a real human expert to add context and dive deeper into the data. 

    Simply get in touch with us to discuss your needs and goals so we can help find the right solution for you.

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