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Competitor Landscape Report

Discover new opportunities in your competitor landscape

Explore your competitor landscape and identify new opportunities to get ahead with a Competitor Landscape Report, designed to look at the media performance of peers or competitors.


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Competitor Landscape report
Competitor Report Deep Dive

What is a Competitor Landscape Report?

Our Competitor Landscape Report looks specifically at the media performance of your peers or competitors to give you a greater understanding of how you are performing in the competitor landscape.


Our analysts will then look for key threats or opportunities for you to explore to take your media strategy to the next level. Expect to dive into key metrics including:

  • Share of voice

  • Key voices

  • Key themes

  • And more...
Competitor Report Timeline

What is included in the report?

More than just a report. Our Competitor Landscape Report includes:

  • Data collection (if you need it, otherwise we can use existing data you have)

  • A comprehensive report tailored to your specific needs

  • Key takeaways and learnings to guide your strategy

  • Access to interactive data via our MyAnalysis platform (included at an additional cost)

  • A walkthrough of the results with one of our expert analysts

Are you ready to explore your competitor landscape?

How can this report be used?

What does a Competitor Landscape report look at?

A Competitor Landscape Report looks at what the media reports on for you and your peers or competitors.
Our expert analysts analyse coverage of your brand, competitors and peers and deliver insights containing a number of metrics, trends and learnings.

Here are a couple of things we look at:

Share of voice

  • Did you have the leading Share of Voice in media coverage across your competitors or peers?

  • Are your CEOs or leading spokespeople driving more coverage of your organisation compared with your competitors or peers?
Key themes

  • What are the common themes driving coverage across the competitive media landscape?

  • How prominently does your brand appear in these themes compared to your competitors or peers? Which brand is really driving the media narrative?

  • How much of your reporting was favourable 😀, neutral 😐 or unfavourable 😡 ? How does this compare to your competitors’ reporting?

  • Did you have a stronger favourable or unfavourable share of media coverage in relation to your competitors?
Key media sources

  • Which media outlets and journalists report most on your brand? Do they cover you more positively compared with your competitors or peers?

  • Do any of your competitors perform strongly across particular media types?

  • Which media outlets and journalists are reaching the widest audience for peers and competitors in your industry sector?
Key voices

  • Who are your brand’s most prominent spokespeople and what are they talking about in the media? Who are your competitors' leading spokespeople and what are they talking about?

  • Who are the leading external stakeholders talking about you and your competitors and what are they saying?

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on your chosen tier, we aim to interview either 10 or 15 journalists. 

On average we are able to deliver the report within one month of finalising the brief. However, this time frame may vary depending on the journalist's response times.

Yes! Our team is happy to walk you through the report and discuss the findings in detail.

Journalists will be handpicked from Medianet's comprehensive Media Contacts Database based on your objectives and original brief. This may include;

  • Industry fields or subject areas
  • Basic demographics such as location or audience demographic
  • Media type
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