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    Media Landscape Report 2023 Uncovered




    A 40-minute discussion centred around the findings of the Medianet Media Landscape Report 2023 on the views and experiences of over 1000 Australian journalists and nearly 300 PR professionals.

    The report's findings shed light on the challenges shared by professionals on both sides of the media spectrum, their views on topics such as public interest journalism, defamation laws, diversity and the general state of the industry as well as practical learnings to help PR professionals enhance their relationship with journalists. 

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    The panelists bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, having spent many years working in the industry. Their diverse perspectives and unique insights are sure to make for an informative and thought-provoking discussion.


    • Deb Camden -  Founder of The Communication Dividend, Australia; AMEC Board Director; Principal, PRISM Communication Architects
    • Nic Hayes - Managing Director, Media Stable; Podcast Host; #MeetTheMedia Event Producer
    • Mercedes Carrin, Head of Marketing, Medianet
    • Amrita Sidhu, Managing Director, Medianet 



    2023 Media Landscape Reports

    Journalist and PR survey findings presented in two reports tailored uniquely for journalists and PR professionals.

    2023 Australian Media Landscape Report (12)

    Journalist edition

    The most comprehensive Media Landscape Report to date. A 100+ page report based on a survey of 1,023 Australian journalists conducted between October and November 2022.

    See insights into:

    • Impact of defamation laws on the work of journalists, and other personal and professional challenges. 

    • The average pay/salary of journalists based on factors such as gender and field. 

    • Professional values of journalists such as views on public good journalism.

    • Views from journalists on diversity and how to increase inclusion of CALD journalists in newsrooms.

    • Influences on journalists’ content including the effects of media organisations’ editorial positions on news stories.

    • Pitching preferences, story sources and social media usage by journalists.



    2023 Australian Media Landscape Report (11)

    New: PR Edition

    For the first time we combine the findings of the journalist survey with those of Public Relations professionals. This edition dives deeper into the views and experiences of PR professionals.

    Based on the survey of 291 PR professionals, find:

    • The average pay/salary of PR professionals based on factors such as gender and field.

    • PR professionals' top challenges and comparison to the challenges of journalists.

    • Insights into the reasons why journalists move to PR and how PR views relationships with journalists.

    • Pitching preferences, story sources and social media usage by journalists and public relations professionals.

    • Impact of defamation laws, working conditions and challenges of journalists on the work of PR professionals.

    • PR professionals' answers compared to that of journalists on what makes news, how to use embargoes and more.



    Discover what journalists have to say about you

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    You know what journalists think of the media landscape. Now take the pulse of professional journalists to explore their perception of your brand and receive valuable insights tailored to your communications strategy.

    Learn more about the Pulse Report



    of survey respondents have experienced abuse or harassment because of their profession and work in the media.


    Story Sources

    Industry and professional contacts remain the top story source for journalists (used by 90% of respondents).



    of all male respondents who disclosed their pay said they earn more than $100,000 p.a., compared to 20% of females and 13% of non-binary journalists.

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