Summer Media Guide

    Summer Media Guide: PR distribution to get your stories told


    As the holiday season approaches, so too does our annual Summer Media Guide.

    With Australian media outlets busy planning and producing stories that suit the season, now’s the ideal time for you to get your story or product out there.

    Our Summer Media Guide details the angles and time-frames that media outlets across Australia are looking to publish between now and the new year. Use our guide, so you don’t miss out on this key publicity period to share your message.

    Download the Summer Media Guide 2021-22  to get the inside scoop on: 

    • What specific editorial content outlets are looking for
    • Editorial deadlines for when to send your pitch 
    • Who is the preferred media contact to send your pitch to 
    • Which subjects outlets are planning to cover


    A must have guide for your summer planning

    Here’s a quick teaser of our Summer Guide


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