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Crisis communications for a covid world

Your checklist for managing the unexpected

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Learn how to create a crisis comms plan designed to handle modern issues

$89 | 5-part course with an actionable workbook

In this five-part training course you will be taken through a crisis communications framework with a step-by-step checklist designed for modern issues/the pandemic. 

Join Greer Quinn and Jo Stone from the It's PR Darlings podcast as they use a pandemic setting to talk you through what a modern crisis communications plan should include and the big questions to ask before a crisis starts. The biggest mistake is not having a plan or thinking it’ll never happen to you.

Who is this course for?

  • Junior to mid-level communications professionals working in an at-risk business

  • Senior staff needing a refresher course with a modern twist

  • Business owners wanting to be more prepared

  • Marketing/Comms managers and leaders who want their staff to be across the latest in crisis communications best practice

Crisis Comms Course Inclusions
What is included?

Five modules covering:

Part 1: Defining a crisis (6 mins)

Part 2: Covid crisis examples (4 mins)

Part 3: Some theory (22 mins)

Part 4: A covid-19 crisis scenario (15 mins)

Part 5: Social expectations of businesses (25 mins)

12-page workbook to create your own crisis communications plan

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