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Stop wondering where your press release has gone

Track your media outreach success with our new AI-based Pickup Tracker.

Find your coverage. Prove your impact. 

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Medianet Pickup Tracker


Inspired by a fundamental challenge that many individuals in public relations experience, our exclusive Pickup Tracker saves you significant time and effort by automatically consolidating press release pickup across online media outlets.

  • No set-up involved
  • Easily demonstrate the value of your PR activity
  • First and only of its kind in Australia
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How it works

  • Send your press release

  • Wait for results

  • View your pickup

  • Export results


Send your press release

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Use our press release builder to send your press release via Medianet.

Wait for results


Next up we wait. It takes 12 hours for your results to start appearing. This gives journalists time to pick up your story and publish it. This also gives our AI enough time to start finding your media pickup.

View your pickup

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Head straight to your pickup results from the home page, or jump into your press release results to view your pickups. 
Anything our AI has found will appear on this page with additional information including whether the article is likely to be earned media or a repost of your press release.

Export results

Pickup Tracker Export

Export your pickup results to store or manage your results externally.

Pia found her media coverage...

Pia was spotted in newsrooms across Australia searching for her media pickup.

With over 2,000 online media sources in Australia, keeping track of your media coverage can be tedious and inefficient. So, Pia needed a better way.

Luckily, Pia had sent her press release via Medianet, so she quickly discovered the new Pickup Tracker which found the one thing she had spent countless hours looking for... her pickup. 

*Pia is a fictional character featured in the launch of the Medianet Pickup Tracker.

Pickup Tracker ROI
Helpful Reading

Demonstrating ROI and Impact with Medianet’s Pickup Tracker

With PR budgets suffering, tools that can help you prove the worth of media outreach are essential.

With the newly launched Pickup Tracker, anyone distributing their press release via Medianet can now see exactly that: the impact of their outreach in the shape of actual media coverage generated from that press release.

Read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Pickup Tracker is available to anyone that sends a press release via Medianet.

No. Our Pickup Tracker will give you an early indication of the pickup you are getting from over 2,000 of the top news sources across Australia. While we can't guarantee that it will find 100% of your coverage, it will find the majority of it.

No, there is no set-up required. Our Pickup Tracker will automatically start collecting results after you send a press release. These results will start appearing 12 hours after you submit your release and you will continue to see updates for up to 30 days after that.

Medianet AI is our AI helper that is used across various parts of Medianet to support our team in delivering the most value to our clients. 

Pickup Tracker is the first public-facing release of Medianet AI.

Once you've submitted a press release via the Medianet platform, you will be able to see the Pickup Tracker 12 hours after the release has been sent. 

Simply navigate to the press release analytics page and click on the Pickup Tracker tab to see your pickup.

Learn more on our Knowledge Centre.

Ready to find your own pickup?

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