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2024 PR Guide to Effective Media Engagement

by medianet

In this guide, we combine 5 years of learnings from surveys with Australian journalists to discover how and when they want to be pitched to, what to avoid, and what to look out for when engaging with the media.

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of journalists rely on industry and professional contacts to source their stories.


of journalists read less than a paragraph when receiving a pitch or press release.


of journalists prefer to be contacted by email when receiving a pitch from PR.

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Beyond vanity metrics

Look beyond meaningless stats to understand sentiment, spokesperson performance and key message delivery for the coverage of any press release you distribute.



of survey respondents have experienced abuse or harassment because of their profession and work in the media.


Story Sources

Industry and professional contacts remain the top story source for journalists (used by 90% of respondents).



of all male respondents who disclosed their pay said they earn more than $100,000 p.a., compared to 20% of females and 13% of non-binary journalists.

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